Price Check – 2012

Everyone knows the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” but what if you don’t mind the lemons? Writer/Director Michael Walker brings us a slice of life film centering on father/husband Pete Cozy played by Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty). Cozy seeming to be just the right name as Pete seems completely comfortable with his status in life: a low level job, $35,000 salary, deep in debt and coasting under everyone’s radar. This all changes when his boss retires and Susan Felders (Parker Posey) takes over.

Susan is a quick thinker, fast talker and knows what she wants, when she wants it. Coming from the West Coast to Long Island, she plans on revamping Pete’s division into something more than what it is. She is one of those bosses that wants everyone to work to the best of their potential, be friendly with each other, able to hold their own, and to actually be happy when they walk into work…..Don’t you just hate these people??? And their job by the way is… marketing & pricing strategies for supermarkets. Posey is just right for the role and she steamrolls through it. Her quick wit and dagger like tongue lets everyone know who the boss is and how it’s going to be.

Susan takes a liking to Pete and quickly promotes him to VP with a annual salary of $80,000. Everything that Pete didn’t want: more work, responsibility, a “real” job has fallen right into his lap; not surprising he is able to rise above on every occasion. The rest of the film takes some odd twists but the overall idea of the film is pretty entertaining: the fact that without Susan, Pete’s life could be considered “stale dated”, excuse me for the pun. Susan isn’t the sanest person in the nut house but as much as she shuffles the deck she always seems to have things in control….most of the time.

The more you watch the film, the more you ask “how is this going to end?” and then it just does. It’s not disappointing because the film is just a moment in these people’s lives and if you were to look at any point it probably wouldn’t be all that entertaining; unless you follow Susan in her earlier years, that would provide a few laughs I bet.


2.5 out of 5

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