Aftershock – 2012

Anytime you throw in Eli Roth’s name you can expect some good ole blood & gore. In his English film debut Chilean writer/director Nicolás López gets his time to shine. Roth produces/stars in the film as Gringo who along with friends Ariel and Pollo (think a spanish version of Zach Galifianakis) are partying in Chile. Along the way they meet sisters Monica, Kylie and their friend Irina. The six find their way into a underground club where soon all hell breaks loose. A huge earthquake hits Chile which rips everything apart along with releasing all the prisoners in the country. What happens next is a fight for survival not from mother nature but human nature.

I thought I knew what I was getting when going in but was I wrong. López holds nothing back and all bets are off. What starts off as something out of The Hangover goes into 2012 and ends like Escape From New York. López handles the film and its material very well as it seemlessly all blends together. For the short time you know them you can relate with each of the six characters; which only makes their demise that much more painful to watch. I’ll be honest and say that some of the content might be offsetting but to his credit López adds some variety to his death scenes; giving horror fans something to cheer for.

The film keeps your heart racing as you don’t know what’s going to happen next; it’s what makes the film fun and at times disturbing. López has already gained fame for his other films Promedio Rojo and the Que Pena Trilogy; hopefully this will open the eyes to a wider American audience.


2.5 out of 5

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