Yellow Submarine (1968)


Due for a re-release this summer with restored visuals and soundtrack The Beatles animated musical journey Yellow Submarine will be hitting screens again for his its 50th anniversary. Acclaimed for its wild animation, comedic antics and gorgeous soundtrack the film follows the people of Pepper Land seeking help from the villainous Blue Meanies who despise music. Being a Beatles fan I will admit I have never seen the film but when ads started popping up for the re-release it immediately caught my attention. The film could be compared to the likes of Disney’s Fantasia where the music drives the film forward and is almost a character itself. We travel alongside The Fab Four as they make their way to Pepper Land and along the way face different obstacles. The film has an iconic soundtrack with songs such as: Eleanor Rigby, All Together Now, When I’m Sixty-Four, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and All You Need is Love. Unlike other reviews I cannot give a rating because it’s The Beatles… any fan would agree this is a fun adventure to join along with. The stunning and colorful art direction by George Dunning adds to the fun as we watch The Beatles poke fun at themselves and defeat the horrific Blue Meanies. Another aspect of the film I loved which I have written about before and that The Beatles were known for was trying to use music to influence not just one people but the world. Songs such as All You Need is Love and All Together Now have such deeper meanings in trying to unite us in the only way music can; how appropriate too that the final shots include subtitles from multiple languages of the phrase All Together Now.

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