2040 (2019)

            Issues such as renewable energy and global warming have been on the rise in recent years and that is due to unprecedented changes in our environment that we are all facing for the first time. Our evolution has consistently degraded the earth’s resources that we are now realizing if things do not change there will be no earth. Plans are constantly put into motion that can better our future but it is the steps that can be taken right now that can put us on the brightest path. Solutions that utilize current methods and technology are outlined in the new documentary 2040 from director Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film).

            The premise of the film is simple… what world can we leave the next generation? Gameau uses his 4 year old daughter as a guiding point for the future because he along with many others know we are not doing enough. He is impassioned on being able to give the best possible future to his daughter and that includes a beautiful, clean and thriving planet. Gameau travels around the world in search of viable solutions to current problems such as: renewable energy, lowering carbon emissions, and sustaining viable healthy food sources for all. The great part of utilizing these methods is that they fall like dominos where if we were to put one of these into play it would only benefit other areas.

            I could go into detail of each solution offered but I implore people to seek this film out yourself. Nothing presented is out of the realm of possibility and when shown the results you cannot help but think “why can’t this happen now?” From using a honeycomb patterned solar panel grid, instituting on demand self-driving cars, using seaweed as a rejuvenation source for the ocean and even just simply giving adequate educational materials to all children. These methods and the engaging illustrations Gameau presents will force you to want this to be our reality now.


4 out of 5

Film is available via streaming links Friday June 5th Here

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Film’s Site w/ info on how to contribute




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