Easy Does It

Linda Hamilton, Ben Matheny, Cory Dumesnil, Matthew Paul Martinez, and Susan Gordon in Easy Does It (2019)

I always considered making a film was equivalent to taking part in some sort of odd science experiment. So many different pieces need to come together and balanced the right way to get the end result. Having personal experience in film/television production I will always commend the work put in to complete a project because it is never an easy task. First time feature writer/director Will Addison’s debut film Easy Does It stars an unknown duo up against the wall and on the run from the lethal “King” played by Linda Hamilton (Terminator).

Jack and Scottie played by Ben Matheny and Matthew Paul Martinez can easily fall into the category of stoner buddy duos such as Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar or Jay and Silent Bob but sadly they just don’t pass the bar. Although I was impressed by Addison’s hyper storytelling and visual eye both characters came off as unappealing and their journey boring. Jack and Scottie have been friends since they were children but that bond did not come across to me on the screen; all their antics felt overplayed and stereotypical of the genre. Their goal of reaching a “treasure” left by Jacks abandoned mother comes off as even more inane. What follows is a road trip movie turned crime/buddy heist with “hijinks” all along the way. The one redeeming factor throughout would be Hamilton’s performance as King George. Her presence is abundant and there is nothing more intimidating than the Terminator killer sporting cornrows.

As mentioned I was impressed with Addison’s directing as it was very engaging in the visual sense. Addison’s quick cuts, unique characters and quirky moments make for a hyper stylized Coen Brothers tale. I feel a lot was thrown in though with it being Addison’s first feature resulting in a throw it all out there mentality. Unfortunately the chemistry and story elements did not click for me making for a very forgettable journey but I most certainly do look forward to Addison’s future endeavors.


1.5 out of 5

Film is available now via YouTube

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