Marley (2012)

Marley (2012)

The faster this year passes by the more we ask “how much worse can it get?” Constant turmoil that leaves us mentally weakened and emotionally beat down by the events taking place around the world. It is naïve to some to think that simple things such as music can usher in a movement or change in thinking but music has the ability to join generations and those with different mentalities. No bigger influence can be given than the music ushered in by Bob Marley. This year would have been the 75th birthday for the gifted musician who passed away at the age of 36 after a battle with cancer.

Commemorating what would have been a milestone in the musician’s life is the re-release of Kevin Macdonald’s 2012 highly regarded documentary Marley covering the life of the Rastafarian legend. Macdonald’s film is considered to be the ultimate telling and presentation of the musical icon. The film covers the small beginnings and future stardom the shy boy from Trench Town, Jamaica experienced told through the words of his friends and family. The interviews given offer an intimate look into the man that embodied the value of love and peace. We also hear from some of Bob’s children who offer their insight of their father figure opposed to the celebrity star. In these stories what comes across the most fantastical is the outreach his music brought to the entire globe. It is unfathomable to think that music can actually heal but look no further than the absolute “magic” Marley brought to both his home in Jamaica during violent political tensions and Zimbabwe when it was granted its independence.

Watching this film gave me a new respect for the spirit Marley was ushering in. His beliefs in the Rastafarian religion embodied love and appreciation; it was these emotions that were poured in his music and reached millions. The man himself was far from perfect but as recognized by his wife Rita, he was bringing about a new movement that outweighed the common dynamic of a traditional husband and wife. By the end of the film one cannot help but think of the difference men like John Lennon, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr. or Marley himself could had made had they not been taken from us far too early. If ever you needed a boost of positivity in your life stream I implore you to seek out this film.


 4 out of 5

Film is available to watch via Link 1 & Link 2

Additional information about the film can be found HERE along with links to purchase the DVD

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