The Con – 5 Part Docuseries

The Con (2020)

It is difficult to deny the pressing fact that our economy is in turmoil. The topics of bank bailouts and the 1% have been main talking points by political members for over the last decade. The people blame the banks and its greedy CEOs for causing the collapse of the financial market in 2008 yet not one person has been held responsible, rather the institutions themselves are fined; as if the buildings are making the deals and those that work for it have no accountability. The fact that our country experienced another depression is inexcusable but when you take a closer look as to how we got there it is absolutely stunning.

Producer/Writer/Director Eric Vaughan’s new five part docuseries The Con takes an in depth look at the 2008 market crash and unveils every facet of how the United States citizens were fooled in the biggest scam in US history. The series focuses on the story of Addie Polk, a 90 year old woman in Akron, Ohio who shot herself in the chest when officers came to evict her from her home. This was the spark that began to reveal the dirty tactics that individuals were using in order to line their own pockets. Vaughan details each part of the con from its starting point in Akron to those same tactics being used by larger financial institutions but the worst part is when this infestation begins to spread through our own government. The series is filled with detailed interviews of those found in every part of the process and have firsthand accounts of what happened when these events were being “looked into”.

I would do no justice in breaking down each episode but the more I watched the more I was in awe of how this could happen. The worst part of this story is that everyone interviewed are in agreement that this will happen again. The more we look at how this got beyond our control is even more unbelievable; everyone in power just ignorantly dismisses the past and continues to allow these institutions to make their own rules. Sadly we are in a situation where those who come forward to help are ignored, fired or deemed irresponsible and those who put us in this crisis are the ones making the rules and in a state of power. The fear that former President Franklin D. Roosevelt had that organized money could control our government has come to pass and as of right now it is these big banks deemed “too big to fail” that have us in a position of weakness for they have all the power. The underlying question is how much longer will the stories like those of Addie Polk or the thousands who lost their pensions be told before a real change is made and the courage to fight is ignited.


4 out of 5

Series will have a digital theatrical release Friday August 7th & will be available for digital download Friday August 21st

Screening information can be found HERE

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