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Herb Alpert Is... Movie Poster - IMP Awards

I believe we all want to leave our own mark in this world; to leave an impression that we were here and did something worth remembering. I am in the thought that our legacies are carried over through those we love and touched personally through our years. I am also aware there are those whom many have not heard of or been recognized that need their stories shared. In John Scheinfeld’s (The U.S. vs. John Lennon) new film Herb Alpert is… we learn the life story of renowned trumpet player Herb Alpert who dominated the music charts in the mid 60’s even outselling The Beatles.

You may not know the name immediately but there is no denying you have heard one of Herb’s songs. Immediately when the film starts I was shocked to find out I had heard many of his songs either through film, commercial or television use. Besides Herb’s abundance of talent as a musician he also had the golden touch as a producer forming the very successful A&M Records that had such acts as Cat Stevens, Joe Cocker, Quincy Jones, the Police and introduced the world to the Carpenters. If those accolades were not enough, Herb still has a prevailing influence over the arts as he saved the Harlem School of the Arts from being closed in 2010 by offering a substantial donation. Herb’s life was made into existence because of the arts and inside he knew it would help many others to gain from that same gift as he was given.

The film is a complete narrative from Herb’s start with Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass to branching out on his own. We also learn of Herb’s love of painting and sculpting which has made him quite a figure in the art world as well. The film plays in a very vibrant and engaging way with colorful montages and interviews from Sting, Questlove and Billy Bob Thornton. Herb and his wife Lani Hall, also a recognized musician, are also in the film throughout; with Herb leading us through different venues from his life: old home, art studio, old A&M Records lot. Herb is monumental in the world of instrumental artists with five No. 1 albums, fourteen platinum albums, fifteen gold albums and nine Grammies. You are unable to listen to his music without feeling joy; Alpert’s love of making music comes through tenfold and even after all these years is still making a difference through his music, art and philanthropy. If there is one thing that is difficult to answer, it is “Who is Herb Alpert?” because if we were to try and answer that we would be here entirely too long.


3.5 out of 5

Film is available now via streaming platforms HERE

Learn more about Herb at his website HerbAlpert.com

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