Out of the Fight

Out of the Fight (2020) - IMDb

We all know the risks for those that enlist in the military; they risk their lives and put themselves on the front line for our freedom. For those lucky enough to make it through their lives are never the same and for those unfortunate few it never will be again. The ramifications on the soul, body and mind are so much that many our veterans suffer through post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that leads to many unnecessary deaths via suicide. Any attention that can be brought to this matter is wholeheartedly welcomed and that is the goal behind director Steve Moon’s film Out of the Fight.

The film follows soldier Jason Pate, played by Randy Wilson, returning home after suffering an injury. The main story is Jason’s slow and difficult adjustment returning back to his wife Emily, played by Jordan Jude, and their young daughter. Along Jason’s journey he meets others dealing with the same issues and those that are willing to help him. The overall message that Moon is trying to send out to the masses is respected but due to poor execution the film falls flat. The story feels randomized with multiple scenes either not needed or added with bland characters that offered no emotional attachment to the story. I feel as if Moon was trying to portray an overall perspective of these dramatic events ala Crash but it just felt like unorganized storytelling.


1.5 out of 5

Film is available via YouTube HERE

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