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One of the most popular film genres is horror and within that the sub-genre of the slasher film would have to be amongst the highest ranked. Films such as Maniac, Friday the 13th, Halloween and countless others have garnered huge numbers in both viewers and profits. There is another set of films I’d consider to be “inside movies”, films that really speak to those in the know of a specific subject matter such as independent filmmaking. Combining these two genres together was writer/director Blayne Weaver’s idea with his newest film GetAWAY. In Weaver’s film a group of college students head up to a cabin in the woods to shoot a horror film for their final project but after arriving are knocked off one by one by a mysterious killer. The premise is simple but there is a line that has to be toed carefully because the film can turn into an all-out comedy. It’s a line Weaver seemingly does not know how to tread because the film is constantly weaving in and out without really knowing what it is.

The dialogue on set is reminiscent of writer/director Tom DiCillio’s 1995 film Living in Oblivion, a film about an independent film being shot; the situations and conversations taking place are only really relative to those who have worked on a film set. These scenes are in itself comedic because of the random situations that arise but also this is supposed to be a straight slasher flick. I write this because the scenes of everyone being killed and the atmosphere built up is similar to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or American Psycho; they’re blunt, in your face and brutal. It also pales in comparison to a film that already combined these two elements perfectly together in the 1999 Lloyd Kaufman film Terror Firmer, a film about an independent film being made with all the inside film set jokes and violent, gory kills included. Unfortunately due to bad acting all around and a meddled way of combining these elements Weaver leaves little to lust after especially when you can watch better films with similar stories such as I don’t know… Scream 4.


2 out of 5

Film is available via iTunes & Prime Video

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