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There are a number of things that riddle our world that I cannot even begin to process how it can even exist; one such atrocity are individuals who prey on children. The mindset is so completely bewildering that I don’t think myself or anyone else could ever put an explanation behind such heinous acts. If one were to break down the steps though that one takes to commit such actions, the disgust grows that much deeper. It isn’t just the act itself but the entire process these individuals take to gain the trust of these innocent children that proves these urges that more sickening. The newest film being introduced to the Discovery+ streaming platform, Groomed, is from first time filmmaker Gwen van de Pas and is her very intimate journey of facing head on the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

The film serves as both a journey and help guide for those who have suffered through this unfortunate ordeal. Gwen had addressed what happened to her once before as a teenager but since then had never been able to recover; still suffering from anxiety attacks and countless sleepless nights. The film follows Gwen as she tries to repair the extensive damage done to her psyche as well as rightfully convict her attacker. I would implore you to watch this film not to find out the end result of Gwen’s story but rather to gain more of an understanding as to the scars still left on the victims today. In her road to recovery Gwen interviews other victims of child abuse, each sharing similar stories of how their trust was betrayed and used against them. The process of “grooming” as explained by a convicted child molester is even more uncomfortable to hear because of how much thinking goes behind the process.

This film serves as a beacon for those who suffer from such mental distress from having been attacked. It shows the strength behind Gwen and the other victims interviewed that you are not alone and can do something about it. The fear and overwhelming guilt these people feel is so crippling some may never recover but by sharing stories like these we can only hope this helps them find a way to heal.


3 out of 5

Film will be available via Discovery+ Thursday March 18th

Follow the Film:

Film’s Website

More Information regarding abuse & Legal Action

Director Gwen van de Pas’ Instagram

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