The Phenomenon Like many others out there I myself also believe we are not alone; our universe is so large that it is unimaginable to fathom that no life exists beyond our own. One can spend hours going down the UFO rabbit hole and watching countless hours of footage but who is to say any of … Continue reading The Phenomenon

Do Not Reply In this being the digital age we have everything at our fingertips: face to face conversations from across the globe, items that can purchased instantly, immediate home surveillance and it even helps us in the dating world. The problem with technology is people get too comfortable with this ease of access; we now get … Continue reading Do Not Reply

Out of the Fight We all know the risks for those that enlist in the military; they risk their lives and put themselves on the front line for our freedom. For those lucky enough to make it through their lives are never the same and for those unfortunate few it never will be again. The ramifications on the … Continue reading Out of the Fight

Yellow Rose We all have our passions in life; that one desire that pushes forward amongst everything else. Now, whether we delve into that passion is another story in itself. Mostly fear prevent the majority to follow through on that one true love and that truly is a damn shame. There are many hurdles we will … Continue reading Yellow Rose

Once Upon a River First time feature director Haroula Rose’s Once Upon a River is an adaptation from author Diane Setterfield’s 2018 novel of the same name. The story follows fifteen year old Margo, played by newcomer Kenadi DelaCerna, as she along with her father Bernard, played by Tatanka Means, try to move past the sudden departure of … Continue reading Once Upon a River

Herb Alpert Is… I believe we all want to leave our own mark in this world; to leave an impression that we were here and did something worth remembering. I am in the thought that our legacies are carried over through those we love and touched personally through our years. I am also aware there are those … Continue reading Herb Alpert Is…

American Murder: The Family Next Door In recent years the streaming platform Netflix has released a slew of popular documentaries/docuseries’ such as Making a Murderer, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez and Tiger King. It is no surprise that these type of programs create intrigue and have a big audience much like other crime series’ such as the Law … Continue reading American Murder: The Family Next Door

Chasing The Present             Our eyes are constantly streamlined with images of what we “need” and what could make our lives “better” but in the end, do they? I am in the majority as many of us are big consumers in a variety of materialistic objects. It is has been embedded into our brain chemistry as we’ve … Continue reading Chasing The Present

Foster Boy We live in a country where the belief is that our leaders have our best intentions in mind… sadly that is far from the truth. Budget cuts and political restraints are constant hurdles we face for any real changes to be made. Unfortunately, in the midst of numbers and useless rhetoric the most important … Continue reading Foster Boy

We Are Many Abraham Lincoln was quoted “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” It disheartens many people not only in the United States but across the globe that our governments have forgotten those whom they are there to serve. A truer notion could not be any clearer … Continue reading We Are Many