The Test and The Art of Thinking Growing up we tend to build up situations to the point they become much larger than they are. The idea of something becomes so overwhelming that we lose focus of the simplicity behind it. One such obstacle is the SAT Exam, a burden all high schoolers must face before going onto college. It has … Continue reading The Test and The Art of Thinking

The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story For kids growing up today it is impossible to fathom a world without cell phones or the internet. For anyone who grew up before the early 2000s though, I included, it was not even a thought. How we grow up is always evolving through the generations but I think there is one constant now: … Continue reading The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story

Calendar Girl (2020) I would be the last one to know anything surrounding the fashion world; that does not mean that it does not offer a sense of intrigue. To my surprise and I am sure everyone else’s is the undeniable fact that the mega fashion world situated in New York City was carried on the shoulders … Continue reading Calendar Girl (2020)

My Dad’s Christmas Date The holiday season is rapidly approaching and with that it brings us non-stop marathons of holiday themed family films. There are a slew of these films that come and go with no one knowing and that blame falls on no one simply because there are just too many to keep track of; like any … Continue reading My Dad’s Christmas Date

Assholes: A Theory There are a multitude of reasons why people do not get along but if there is one commonality I believe we all share is this… assholes live amongst us. Individuals who we not just overall disagree with but also have the ability to invoke such an inner disgust that we simply cannot disregard it. … Continue reading Assholes: A Theory

Narco Soldiers There is a certain appeal to the “anti-hero”; someone we shouldn’t be rooting for but for some reason or another they are the captivating force that pulls us into the story. Films such as Scarface, American Gangster and Goodfellas all invoke characters in the drug business and even though we know what they are … Continue reading Narco Soldiers

Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story  One of the most gratifying type of stories in film is that of the underdog; one up against all the odds to get the win and succeed. Films like these are uplifting and at times we can see ourselves facing off against our own struggles. Stories that incorporate real life situations are even more … Continue reading Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story

The Mothman Legacy It is always both eerie and interesting to think of “something” else living among us. Creatures such as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster have spurred thousands of people to their locales hoping to see it for themselves. Every year the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia holds The Annual Mothman Festival paying … Continue reading The Mothman Legacy

I’ll Be Around The magic behind making films is you can tell any story you want and on top of that in any fashion you wish. There are no rules and with that we can even experience multiple stories at once. Films such as Dazed and Confused, Go, 200 Cigarettes, Can’t Hardly Wait and Smokin’ Aces all … Continue reading I’ll Be Around

Cagefighter (2020) In combat sports today the big money isn’t always in the champion versus the top contender but rather in the gimmick or the x-factor. We have seen this more recently with such fighters as Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Randy Courture, James Toney, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. Akin to the spectacle of a … Continue reading Cagefighter (2020)