The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien There are so many different narratives that we experience in our lifetime and for every path we take there are countless others we will never see. These experiences alter one’s perception of the world that life may or will never be the same again. War, in all its forms forever lingers with those that … Continue reading The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien

The Edge of All We Know Our perspective is unique as we all interpret things differently and certainly that is the case for those involved in physics. I would not even dare to understand the tiniest bit of information they process because everything would be completely foreign to me. What does not pass over my head though is the dedication … Continue reading The Edge of All We Know

Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story Nowadays it is hard to think of a world not consumed by video games: from consoles to cell phones it is considered common place to pass the time by enjoying a game of Angry Birds or Candy Crush. For those around in the 80s and 90s though it most certainly was the vintage era … Continue reading Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story

Take Me to Tarzana One of my favorite sub-genres of comedy is the slacker; the personality of someone who generally does not give a f@*k about anything going on around them. For some reason the idea of being that completely free just opens it up to laughter: Clerks, Knocked Up and Stripes are just a few examples. The … Continue reading Take Me to Tarzana

Baby Done You never know when a film will hit a personal cord, it is something that steers you off course with everything transpiring gaining more in its relatability. The idea of children is always a frightening one, not that I have any but the drastic change in lifestyle I would assume is a complete shock … Continue reading Baby Done

Paranormal Prison I always enjoy a good scare, horror films and thrillers are some of my top genres with many of my favorite films landing in this category. Add in the appeal of a good ole ghost story and my level of interest rises. There was a point where I’d go down the YouTube rabbit hole … Continue reading Paranormal Prison

Blithe Spirit (2020) It is amusing to see how many ways the genre of ghost/entities can be stretched: from the classic horror to a children’s story or that of a loving romance. Much like clay these stories can be shaped and shifted in any desire you wish but its end result must still be cohesive as a … Continue reading Blithe Spirit (2020)

Meltdown Slowly through the decades the topic of global warming has gained more acknowledgement, even being a main topic of debates within our political system. The idea of our Earth slowly dying because of our own actions is incomprehensible and the fact we are still trying so hard to conserve our own resources is a … Continue reading Meltdown

Young Hearts There are movies we grow out of as we get older and for me one of those genres would be teen oriented centric films. Today’s culture/mainstream is completely out of my wheel house where instead I take comfort in my John Hughes’ collection and the occasional Can’t Hardly Wait, Clueless or American Pie. Now, … Continue reading Young Hearts

Skyfire ­­Even in today’s huge streaming indulgence taking place over the last year there are still many things slipping through the cracks that should have a light shined on them. No one can deny a chaotic, mindless popcorn flick isn’t a fun movie going experience… insert Michael Bay joke here. The newest film directed by … Continue reading Skyfire