Foster Boy We live in a country where the belief is that our leaders have our best intentions in mind… sadly that is far from the truth. Budget cuts and political restraints are constant hurdles we face for any real changes to be made. Unfortunately, in the midst of numbers and useless rhetoric the most important … Continue reading Foster Boy

Sometimes Always Never

Even now after watching so many films through the years every now and again I can still be surprised by a hidden gem. It doesn’t have to be a block buster or be littered with A-listers; it simply is a change of pace that catches our attention and charms us in the process. In my … Continue reading Sometimes Always Never

Exit Plan

Sitting on the edge of your seat, eyes glued to the screen and every moment passing you try to anticipate what comes next… films that fall within the suspense, thriller or mystery genres tend to keep the viewer’s attention in such manners. Through clever writing and/or directing we can be led down the darkest trails … Continue reading Exit Plan

Dig Two Graves

Death is difficult to accept when it concerns a loved one. We are unable to process the thought of losing someone that means so much to us without repeatedly breaking down emotionally. Some say time heals all wounds; in theory, I guess that is possible but for the human mind and heart to let the … Continue reading Dig Two Graves

Universal Soldier 4: Day of Reckoning – 2012

John Hyams latest film is a sequel to another film he also directed Universal Soldier: Regeneration. Returning for the fourth film in the franchise are Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, and former UFC Heavyweight Champion “The Pit Bull” Andrei Arlovski. The focus is now turned to John played by Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2) who … Continue reading Universal Soldier 4: Day of Reckoning – 2012