The Awakening (2012)

Who doesn’t like a good scare once and a while? If done right it can send shivers up your spine and have your arms covered in goose bumps; leaving you with the sensation of just getting off a great rollercoaster. First time director Nick Murphy brings us The Awakening starring Rebecca Hall (The Town, Vicky … Continue reading The Awakening (2012)

Warrior – 2011

Blu-Ray Version of the Feature Film The presentation of the film is fine with the picture being abit grainy, in one scene you can notice the picture changing from cut to cut. The sound is booming during the music montage and fight scenes; the dialogue comes off low at times but not so much that … Continue reading Warrior – 2011

Nick Murphy – Director of the 2012 film The Awakening

**CONTAINS SPOILERS** AR: This being your first feature, did you feel overwhelmed at all with your responsibilities as the director? NM: You become so focused on the task at hand. You relay a professionalism, the way you conduct yourself. When shooting I don’t notice any more stress making a feature movie  than I did when … Continue reading Nick Murphy – Director of the 2012 film The Awakening