Senior Moment Age is just a number they say; still young in the mind and soul is what keeps you going. Growing older does not necessarily mean to fade away it just means there are more opportunities and adventures to be had. Suffice it to say that is easier said than done but that does not … Continue reading Senior Moment

The Arbors The first feature from writer/director Clayton Witmer entitled The Arbors is a sci-fi thriller set to be released on VOD this week. First thing that came to mind was a non-kid friendly spin on E.T. or a darker version of Little Shop of Horrors. Along with this imprint of the unknown though Witmer also … Continue reading The Arbors

Miracle Fishing There are situations that no one in life should be accustomed to seeing; one such occurrence is the kidnapping and ransom of loved ones. For those unfortunate individuals that are taken they have no clue as what will happen next, the same of course goes for their family members as they wait for any … Continue reading Miracle Fishing

Groomed There are a number of things that riddle our world that I cannot even begin to process how it can even exist; one such atrocity are individuals who prey on children. The mindset is so completely bewildering that I don’t think myself or anyone else could ever put an explanation behind such heinous acts. … Continue reading Groomed

Girl (2020) In his feature film debut as both writer/director Chad Faust also takes on the role as cast member in the film Girl. It stars Bella Thorne (The Duff, Scream: The Series) as a daughter seeking revenge on her estranged father; unbeknownst to her though someone has already carried out the deed just upon her … Continue reading Girl (2020)

Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story In each sport there are certain individuals that stand out among the other elite: Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth are just some. In the world of boxing you have icons such as Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Rocky Marciano and Muhammed Ali; to stand out among these names takes the whole idea of … Continue reading Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story

Long Live Rock: Celebrate the Chaos I’ve written in the past about how powerful a role music plays in our lives. Regardless of genre there is an emotion stirred within us that connects with each passing note. In my youth and still to this day rock/metal always holds a deep connection. I grew up going to as many shows as … Continue reading Long Live Rock: Celebrate the Chaos

The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien There are so many different narratives that we experience in our lifetime and for every path we take there are countless others we will never see. These experiences alter one’s perception of the world that life may or will never be the same again. War, in all its forms forever lingers with those that … Continue reading The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien

The Edge of All We Know Our perspective is unique as we all interpret things differently and certainly that is the case for those involved in physics. I would not even dare to understand the tiniest bit of information they process because everything would be completely foreign to me. What does not pass over my head though is the dedication … Continue reading The Edge of All We Know

Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story Nowadays it is hard to think of a world not consumed by video games: from consoles to cell phones it is considered common place to pass the time by enjoying a game of Angry Birds or Candy Crush. For those around in the 80s and 90s though it most certainly was the vintage era … Continue reading Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story