Animals in films tend to be on the funnier, joyful side of the scale. Their level of enjoyment though can border on tender/heart warming to just plain drivel/repetitive story. It takes a good story and careful balance from being on the shelf or the dollar bin. Luckily, Patrick has enough in its corner to keep … Continue reading Patrick

Shanghai Calling – 2012

Dealing with race can be a touchy subject and often considered taboo depending on how the material is dealt with. Watching first time feature film writer/director Daniel Hsia’s Shanghai Calling it was refreshing to see a different take on the topic of culture shock. The film centers on Sam played by Daniel Henney (X-Men Origins: … Continue reading Shanghai Calling – 2012

Excuse Me for Living – 2012

Drugs, alcohol and not a care in the world sounds like the lives of most people in their twenties. Not a bad way to live but what happens when the fun stops and life starts to creep in? This is the case of Rick Klass’ new film Excuse Me for Living. The main character Dan … Continue reading Excuse Me for Living – 2012